NORWAY / Trondheim


Are Johansen Ormberg, known to the musical world as Amazing Police, is a Norwegian Synthwave artist whose production style is very reminiscent of the electro-pop film soundtracks of the 1980s, but looking ahead he manages to give it a futurist-feel.

His music combines dark, raw emotions with grooves that beg for a relaxed and thriving beach some place, and you can tell why when reading through some of the artists AP has drawn inspiration from: Miles Davis and Prince… Both new the gritty grimy streets of their souls and how to draw beauty from out of them. Their torment brought them talent. So what can AP bring?

A huge amount of bass playing skill for a start, and the depths he delves into to find sounds that will have you dialling the emergency services just because your mind and body just don’t know how to react to them will amaze you.

Even if it’s LATE NIGHT, it’ll be alright, this cop is one for calling for the cool.



Late Night Jam
Ozuwara Theme

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