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FRANCE / Bordeaux



Bordeaux’s widow maker has made it across the boarder: Without boundaries the carefully constructed world of the elitist stands before him. Where patience stood now lies angst.
In the rain, in the dark, the highways and byways will be turned blood red by a man who’s music is beyond unforgiving. In uncertain times, both heros and villains compete for the greater good, and their own visions of it. We stand in the middle.
These times also usher in those whom couldn’t care less. They just want things to be true and fair. This is where Carbon Killer comes into the frame.
Working to eradicate popular music from the ears and minds of the world, CK’s brand of relentless and remorseless music will hunt down anything that smells of money, freeing the music they try to make inaccessible – music that is made from pleasure for pleasure.
Listening to the charts? Watching MTV? Reading about who’s hot? Snap out of it and end the cleanse.
Carbon Killer will not cry over the death of chart music. Carbon Killer will not consider anyone or anything that stands in the way of it’s end, and neither should you.
Dystopia is not a dream, it is a nightmare that wants to become reality. Music is where the seed has been planted. Carbon Killer’s mission is about to begin. Carbon Inc. is about to launch the last stand with his brand of cyberpunk, synthpop, and darkwave.
The million dollar contract is about to fall.



La synthwave c’est pas du jambon, mais c’est un le top

Carbon Inc
From Womb To Doom (Remixes)

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