UK / Liverpool


DEADLIFE aka Ed Hawx, is one of the few future synth producers that strives to push music genres to the next level. A British producer whos roots originally started in drumming, Hawx formed a rock band that received a Kerrang! nomination, but felt something was missing, “I felt it was kind of stagnant and I was more into electro than rock”.

After spending time in studios from London to Los Angeles, Hawx started to craft his own sound. Sat with his band in Tommy Lee’s studio, he knew he could achieve bigger and better with electronic music. Soon after, he parted ways with his band, “I wanted to make something fresh, something interesting, I was sick of the same recycled musical formulas over and over again”

His love for cyberpunk, gaming, 80’s films, science fiction and French House helped him find the synthwave scene back in 2013. Since then he blends the ferocity of darkwave with the ambience of synthwave, infused with slamming dance beats and nostalgic undertones that keeps you wanting to feel immersed in his epic wall of sound.




Bionic Chrysalis

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