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BRAZIL / Cabo Frio

Born in the year 2000, Francci is a talented Brazilian electronic music producer from Cabo Frio and is best known as a maestro specializing in the Retro Futuristic music also called Synthwave.
Francci has collaborated and performed with Flavio La Barre, Moonlight Jack, Violation Drive and many more…
He has released, on Lazerdiscs Records, the acclaimed single named “Nobody”, and what a bonus when you know it has been mastered by the brilliant Absolute Valentine.
Francci has begun to produce music at the age of 17 when he discovered Daft Punk, Prince and The Week End. You will hear this influences in the most of his tracks.
In 2018, Francci was featured on New Retro Wave, Electronic Gems, Odysseus, The 80’s Guys and help to made him a notable artist.
Let’s discover his musical universe.



francci synthwave artists
Francci - Abstract Love release coming soon new
Francci – Abstract Love feat Bela Gus & Zaac
synthwave artists absoltue valentine
synthwave artists absoltue valentine

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