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FRANCE / Marseille



Morgan Willis is a French producer of Synthwave, 80’s Music and a man on the rise.He’s worked with Paradise Walk, JJ Mist, Milwoki, Julien Carel; worked on soundtracks, as well as flexed his talents at outlandish live performances.

And did we forget to mention that he was an active member of the duo “Urban Masters” and the Franco-Quebecois trio “Axelvice”, with whom he produced the album “Outrun Europa” in September 2014?
This is even before we mentioned that he produced an exclusive soundtrack in 2015 “NIGHT RIDER”

You could say: so far, so good.

Morgan Willis is out for more, and here at Laserdiscs Records we, also, are out for blood. We can only encourage this promising artist to tear the synth-world apart heavily armed with cinema and video game eighties weaponry.

Morgan Willis not only will unify the world of synthwave, but the world of 80s nostalgia.

Musicians unite!




Selection Volume 2

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