ENGLAND / Birmingham


Nostalgia can be a faze. Experiences can be had and then put to one side. With this fellow, hailing from the heart of England, all has been processed and all has been enjoyed. What we have here is a musician who has been crafting his musical mojo for the best part of a quarter of a decade and has created a sound of his own formula.

Opus Science Collective: A name that will not wear out, and a sound that will not fade out.

His previous work, ‘Girls on Bikes’, reached the number #1 spot in the Bandcamp dance chart and landed the ‘Best EP of 2017’ on Neon Order (Web Community)… Not too shabby. And, we hope you feel as we do, that there is plenty more to come.

Here’s a brief on his musical evolution: Trained in Jazz Piano (past), sound engineer for 12 years (present), Synthpop superstar bulldozing dancefloors world-wide (future).

So what else do you need to know? Apart from that, OSC will only wear clothes, listen to music, eat breakfast cereal, use hair products (he doesn’t have hair), and watch films from the ‘80s and early ‘90s. Period. And we feel this should be a prerequisite for anyone and everyone.

Girls and Boys, please welcome OSC.



We love the best of synthwave


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