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AUSTRIA / Vienna


Powernerd: Sounds of the future, compounded with the present.

Power: Music made with a powerful mixture of electronic Synthwave and eclectic live performances that have rocked worldwide audiences, formulated by a programming humanoid who takes the sounds of the ‘80s, mixes them with modern and futurist art styles, and gives them to Lazerdiscs Records to let loose!

Nerd: Acid-infused Automaton on semi-acoustic drums backed by a biomechanic-blend of shredding and haunting melodies on guitar as well as key mashing for kicks by a machine who looks and jams are all-man… one man. The sounds and visuals are a spectacle, and all nerd!

Powernerd, either playing live in your city making the buildings shake, or in your living room bumping on your stereo, is a force that doesn’t shy away from trying new takes on the genre, with either incorporating new sounds, new equipment, or just new costumes! As why should we stick with the formula? Powernerd doesn’t believe in playing it safe, and neither should you!



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