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The undead thrasher of Synth City has reached the limits, and he’s not turning back.

Shredder 1984, fuelled by 80s movies, video games, Manga, and all that is Dystopian has decided to take on his biggest challenge yet: His Nemesis.

Battle-hardened from his 10 years of touring Europe, with metal bands, and 2 years pumping life through the veins of his French and American blood-lines by performing live on stage in both countries, launch parties and festivals included, this slicer-and-dicer of souls has already experienced so much.

But that is just the tip of the spear, for the already prolific artist is looking to put out his third LP in 18 months, off of the back of the rave reviews he received for his latest release, entitled ‘Undead Thrasher’.

Night.WAV dig him, Dark Beauty Magazine dig him, and we’re pretty sure the Grim Reaper digs him, too.

Shredder 1984 is making friends within the scene quickly, and it is easy to know why. His vision, his aggression, and the tonne of dark energy that circulates within him thrills us. In fact, there’s nothing else for it but to dive headfirst into the mosh pit.

Better hurry and join us for the darkness is coming…



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Los Angeles 2019

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