dark techno sierra


FRANCE / Paris



Sierra: Crafted in Paris. Curated to rock.

Our very own cyber-punk has, since the ‘90s, explored the world of futuristic science, and come back with a long list of skills to pay the bills.

Influenced by French touch AKA Tekfunk, Darkwave, Techno (we’re not talking 2Unlimited), and Sci-fi soundtracks. All have honed the sounds you will experience when listening to Sierra’s musical offerings.

This is a person that at 18 years old decided she wanted to save and purchase a synthesiser, after years of jamming with acoustic sorts. Brave and bold, Sierra doesn’t sound like a fish out of water. Sierra sounds like someone who knows where they are going.

This powerful musician is going to be around for a long time, and she’s just getting warm



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dark techno sierra

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