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FRANCE/ Strasbourg


Victor VanMahner is a versatile french electronic musician whom for many years has been a DJ, soaking up the sounds and styles, and has translated all into the music he has crafted for you to hear, today.

Embedded in the Universe of Rock and Metal (not a bad place if you ask us), influences of French Touch and the various underground music genres began to seep into his conscious.

This calling had VanMahner lift his roots musically and physically, as he shifted to Electro/Synthwave and to Strasbourg, in 2011, where his musical roots found fertile soil.

Through his music, VanMahner has since taken listeners on a journey through heavy and dark electronic sounds, entwined with waves of analog synthesizers and integrating symphonic elements.

After having released singles and remixes since 2018, VanMahner will release his first EP ‘Landing is Done’ on Lazerdiscs Records, in 2020.

VanMahner is also one of the ‘1518’ founders, an electronic collective that provides the best music events in Strasbourg.

This boy is busy, busy creating waves. Care to ride them?



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synthwave artists absoltue valentine
Landing is Done

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