Slow Darkwave z6b3r



SOUTH AFRICA / Centurion

South Africa


Z6B3R hails from Centurion, South Africa, ushering a Southern Hemsphere splash to the synthwave sound we are used to – you can feel the heat from your speakers.

Looking to continue from the exciting debut EP release, “Telstar 12”, Z6B3R has decided to take on the big boys with an LP that has been crafted, mastered, and used as a malicious weapon in the year 2020, only to be brought back with the purpose to use it as his best means of attack.

The thought process behind this artist can only be admired. Listening to his music will highlight the depth of creativity and musical knowledge Z6B3R has, and you can feel it as he weaves through his edgy and delectable style through the soundscape.

Treat Z3B3R like an evil genius and underestimate him at your peril. Bringing both ultra violent desires and highly respected scientific methods, you could say all Z6B3R needs is his own legion…



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Slow Darkwave z6b3r
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