NIGHTWAV – A Synthwave Compilation





NIGHTWAV is New York City’s first all-Sythwave night. Born out of the necessity for a place where Synthwave fans could go enjoy and discover new music outside the confines of their bedrooms, the monthly party also provides us with somewhere to congregate and be part of a community. As one of the most exciting genres to emerge from the underground in the last decade it has given NIGHTWAV the ability to provide a platform for the music to grow and evolve on its own terms – a platform that has been fervently supported by Synthwave artists and fans alike.

In order to achieve our mission of exposing the world to some of the most innovative and groundbreaking talent that this genre has to offer, we have compiled an album of some of our favorite underground Synthwave artists for your listening pleasure. “NIGHTWAV: A Synthwave Compilation” is pure dark cinematic synth-driven electronic music for people who do not identify with the mainstream trends, and prefer their music with an edge. With influences from all eras and various musical genres, Synthwave is evolving musically and aesthetically with every new release, making it incredibly exciting for the listener to explore. This compilation was made not only to share our excitement for this sound with you, but also in an effort to give some of the most talented artists in the genre the exposure they rightfully deserve.

NIGHTWAV is about the music, the artists who make it, and a Synthwave community built on respect, unity and appreciation of the art.

A Synthwave Compilation


Are you ready for the ultimate after-dark Darksynth & Retrowave compilation?

For those in search of a true underground sound, look no further! Lazerdiscs Records have joined forces with New York’s NIGHTWAV to bring you a collection of dark, cinematic, retro inspired, synth driven electronic music.

The new album “NIGHTWAV – A Synthwave Compilation” is the soundtrack for a future that never happened but everyone dreamed about in the 80’s. Featuring music by Occams Laser, NeoSlave, Robert Parker, Absolute Valentine, Sung, Wice and many more.
– it is sure make a fan of anyone who dares to push play.






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