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Leeds (UK) based LIAM LEONs’ passion for music developed after he began to experiment with his first music DAW that he was given as a gift during his high school years. His interest and abilities grew whilst studying at college and then university. There-after his interest in the retro futuristic concepts of the 1980’s began to strongly influence his musical tastes.

LIAM LEON is a fan of contemporary pop music and wanted to follow a conventional pop structure when designing both melody and lyrics. What has been born of this desire? A SynthPop album that is easily translatable in the modern world.

LIAM LEONs’ main goal in life is to produce music that can inspire and easily connect with everyone. Not a bad goal if you ask us!

The creative vibe that the City of Leeds and the surrounding areas are in this artist’s DNA. Future Synthwave pop master? We think so!



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synthwave artists absoltue valentine
Memories From The Future

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